CGI, Retouching

The MP4-12C marked McLaren's return to designing and building road cars after a 13-year absence. We stepped up to digitally debut the 12C to the Middle Eastern market. Each CG image utilises a strong contrast between dark and light to celebrate the powerful simplicity of Frank Stephenson's design - a design awarded "Car of the Year" and "Best Supercar" at the Middle East Motor Award


Evoque Eco Technologies

CGI, Animation, Retouching

Working with Foxtrot Papa, we developed a CGI film to launch the Range Rover Evoque's all-new technology features at the Geneva Motor Show, 2016. Taking audiences on a journey across multiple stylised treatments – including a ghosted exterior to highlight the efficient four-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine – we explore how the 2016 model has evolved without diluting any of its distinctive Evoque character. The powerful soundtrack accompanies the beautifully crafted motion graphics and dramatic lighting.