25 Years of Discovery

CGI, Animation, Retouching

The Land Rover Discovery revolutionised the 4x4 market when it was introduced in 1989, but how do you communicate a 25 year legacy to a modern audience? Working closely with Land Rover and Foxtrot Papa, we combined CGI, Retouching and archive photography to create a series of digital assets for a 360° virtual experience at 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Each vehicle interacts with users of the Land Rover Media Hub iPad app to highlight their timeless design and unflinching capability.

25 Years of Discovery

Future Technologies

CGI, Animation, Design

The biggest challenge of the Discovery Vision Concept was not visualising a car that did not exist; it was showcasing its advanced technologies and never-before-seen research. Working with Territory Studio, we combined careful CG animation with motion graphics to design a faceted and futuristic world in which to explore Land Rover's cutting-edge technologies – remote control driving, scanning sensors and next-generation Terrain Response – for the drivers of tomorrow.