Door Slammers

Retouching, Photography

Door Slammers celebrates the dragster – vehicles known for harmonising their raw power with a vibrancy of colour.

We’re mad about them here at INK, so we combined a washed out palette with a bright grade to draw attention to all the things that make them so cool: their colours, graphics, shapes, parachutes, extreme form and their big engines.

Door Slammers

Dream Cars

CGI, Retouching

Inspired by car posters of the 1980s, we developed this series to celebrate the old classics. Set within a virtual utilitarian testing facility, we contrast vibrant colours and bodywork against an industrial backdrop to highlight each cars' exquisite detailing and unique design.

Combining intelligent minimalism with a nostalgic aesthetic, we set out to remind audiences why each of these beautiful classics deserved its place in their Dream Cars.