CGI, Retouching

The Opus+ is the latest intelligent addition to the Acoustiguide family of multimedia guides, housing more than 500 hours of multilingual audio, multimedia content and images within an elegant black and white form. So when it came to represent this sleek and ergonomic object in CGI we kept it simple - technically accurate 3D modelling from real-life with a clean and crisp grade and retouch. 


The Bremont Lightweight E-Type

CGI, Animation, Retouching

Two quintessentially British brands, Jaguar and Bremont, joined forces to create the exclusive Lightweight E-Type Chronometer and we took on the exciting task of bringing their leading designs to life in CGI.

Bremont's bespoke timepieces draw inspiration directly from Jaguar's revived 1963 Lightweight E-Type; as our imagery highlights through the Lightweight RPM gauge-inspired watch face and the intricately engraved crown in the pattern of period-correct Dunlop racing tyres.