ASICS: Rebirth of an Icon

CGI, Animation, Retouching

Two shoes. One brief: Give birth to a tiger. We stepped up to help Saatchi&Saatchi LA and Benedict Redgrove launch the ASICS Kayano TigerKnit. 

From scanning the shoe to construct a detailed 3D model to simulating realistic fracturing porcelain, we combined advanced CG technology and retouching to create a mesmerising CG animation and accompanying stills.

ASICS: Rebirth of an Icon

NASA: Past and Present Dreams of the Future


NASA. Is there any other organisation in the world which so completely defines man’s progress through the generations? Benedict Redgrove's series "NASA - Past and present dreams of the future" venerates NASA’s space suits, craft, facilities and all that it has accomplished. Never has a dissection of the space organisation been so thorough, so obsessive and so pure. These incredible images were painstakingly retouched, graded and refined here at INK and featured by WIRED.