The Great Indoors

CGI, Retouching

Re-invent the caravan. This was the challenge we undertook, together with our friends at Piercy&Company, to inspire people back to the ever-versatile caravan holiday.

Combining photographic assets with CGI, we directed a shoot at Shoreditch's Hasselblad Studios to explore in detail the varying natural landscapes each image was set within. Our careful art direction allowed each unique digital asset to unify the principles of luxury camping with beautiful craftsmanship.

King Abdullah Sports City

CGI, Retouching

Populous wanted to develop a stadium that harmonised the needs of the individual, the team, the spectator and the performer. In doing so, they also created a new sporting landmark for Saudi Arabia.

To communicate the grandeur of King Abdullah Sports City, we developed a detailed series of images that draws its inspiration from vast science fiction landscapes whilst also communicating the overall fluidity of this unique space.