A Better Way To Go

CGI, Animation, Design

Boston based Indigo Technologies are developing flexible vehicle architectures for the EV's of the future. Working with the Indigo and Upstatement team, we created interactive CG animations for the launch of the brand's website. With the detailed product modelling and custom wheel design by the INK team, these animations bring to life the pioneering future technology of the all-in-one hub motor, dynamic vehicle architecture and active suspension system through polished CGI and minimalist graphics. Head over to the website now to discover more!

A Better Way To Go


Retouching, Photography

Our latest series of images with Benedict Redgrove captures the Robocar: the world's first self driving electric racing car by Roborace, designed by Daniel Simon. With meticulous attention to detail the INK retouch team brought this surreal series to life, which combines automotive futurism with the surrealist, sci-fi architecture of Oscar Niemeyer's Centro Niemeyer in Avilés, Spain.