Endless Recipes

CGI, Animation, Retouching, Design

Wake up and smell the coffee. We created this mesmerising, gravity defying set of stills and CG animations in collaboration with Visual Artists, Wednesday Agency and Nespresso USA to launch the all new Barista. Combining pixel perfect retouch with accurate photoreal Nespresso products, ingredients and glassware modelled from scratch. A surreal world with picture perfect crema good enough to drink, this one's for the coffee lovers.

Endless Recipes


Retouching, Photography

Our latest series of images with Benedict Redgrove captures the Robocar: the world's first self driving electric racing car by Roborace, designed by Daniel Simon. With meticulous attention to detail the INK retouch team brought this surreal series to life, which combines automotive futurism with the surrealist, sci-fi architecture of Oscar Niemeyer's Centro Niemeyer in Avilés, Spain.