Honda e Charging Solutions

CGI, Animation, Design

Honda's Electric Vision extends beyond its next-generation electric vehicle, the Honda e. For the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show we created a dynamic, hero CG animation announcing Honda's EV charging and energy management solutions for a greener, sustainable future. The film follows the colourful Honda e as it travels through a 'Honda World' city, experiencing three unique charging situations: the at home Power Charger, on street with Ubitricity and bi-directional charging.

Honda e Charging Solutions

Honda e Prototype

CGI, Animation, Design, Live Action

Honda’s Electric Vision becomes a reality with the launch of the Honda e Prototype. We collaborated with Honda to direct and produce the launch film for this retro-inspired EV. Combining a motion graphic ‘Honda World’ design, seamless live-action and integrated CGI lifestyle sequences and a banging soundtrack, this film made a big impact at Geneva Motor Show 2019. Say hello to the electric future.