Honda e Dream Made Real

CGI, Retouching

Our latest set of CGI stills celebrate the launch of the production model Honda e. Working in collaboration with the team at Honda, the images were created for a global release and accompanied our Honda Energy Management and MyHonda+ films at the Frankfurt International Motor Show 2019. A mix of dynamic CGI exterior shots and an intimate interior allow you to dive deep into the design ethos of the car: it's clean, seamless shell and minimalist interior.

Honda e Dream Made Real

The new Audi A8 - It's what's inside

CGI, Animation, Retouching

Our latest work with BBH lights up the Audi A8 from within, showing it’s what’s inside that matters. We produced a series of CGI animations and stills that invite our gaze beyond the sophisticated lines of the A8’s exterior and focus our attention on the luxury and technology inside.