Maserati MC20 Launch

Retouching, Photography

Teaming up with Maserati to create the launch images for the global reveal of the Maserati MC20 super sports car. Working in collaboration with Soursop and the stunning photography of Amos Fricke, we have produced this striking set of images for the new Maserati MC20, celebrating the first of its kind. Combining F1 engine technology with a light body, the Maserati MC20 is crafted for out-of-this-world excitement and a driving experience like no other. We captured this otherworldliness that the MC20 creates in 4 different landscapes for the car to exist within, allowing the car itself to stand out amongst this ethereal backdrop. This contrast emphasises the ergonomic and sculpted design of the car was brought to life by the INK retouch team.

Maserati MC20 Launch

NIO Lighten Up

CGI, Retouching

Working in collaboration with the design team at NIO, we produced a collection of CGI stills for the launch of the EC6 “Lighten Up” campaign. We designed and built an elegant and fluid space of subtle architectural minimalism which highlights the graceful roofline and sculptural proportion of the EC6 creating a perfect balance between the natural and human-made. A mix of agile exterior and intimate interiors views, we reveal the stylish and sporty coupe silhouette, panoramic moonroof and generous interior space.

The EC6 showcases the very best in thoughtful design, performance, and space in the electric car market.