The Braun Project

CGI, Animation, Design

The project pays homage to the timeless designs of the Braun brand, whose exceptional teams of designers through the years have upheld a beautiful, functionalist approach to product design. Our animations celebrate Braun products in all their glory and a design ethos we love, by elevating function and the small but essential details, and honouring the minimalist aesthetic we champion in our own work.

The Braun Project

Guide to Computing


This colourful series of ten historic computers, created in close collaboration with Docubyte, documents the beginning of our computing history.

Docubyte’s photography combined with our retouching and post-production techniques produces something wholly unique: the ageing historical objects are ‘digitally restored’ to their original form. A number of these computers pre-date modern colour photography, but Guide to Computing showcases them in a never before seen context. As featured in The Guardian, Creative Review, Motherboard and WIRED