Kleenex New Proactive Care

CGI, Animation, Live Action

Working in collaboration with our friends from FCB Inferno and Kleenex UK, our team produced a series of playful CGI animations with live-action integrations for the launch of the new Kleenex Proactive Care product line-up.

Our expertise for communicating technologies informed our approach to the Kleenex world, distilling complex ideas into beautifully simple animations.

We combined a beautiful and minimalist world with elegant CGI animations to create memorable and engaging films for one of the most iconic personal hygiene brands in the world.

Kleenex New Proactive Care

TEAM Lights

CGI, Animation, Design

Teaming up to launch TEAM with the talented people at Tobias Grau Lights. We were thrilled to be asked to create the launch film for their innovative new lighting series, TEAM, the clever holistic system that makes workspace lighting more streamlined and easier than ever before.

With live-action films scenes shot on location in Stuttgart, we combined a beautiful and minimalist world with elegant and playful CGI animations to showcase this pioneering light system.