NIO ET5 Launch


Partnering up with our friends at NIO, here at the INK studio we closed off the year on a special note with the debut of CGI stills launch imagery for NIO Day 2021 which unveiled the latest member of the NIO family, the electric-sedan ET5.

Our team created a fully CG environment that places the ET5 in a modern minimalist and urban environment; our suite of CG stills follow the car as it journeys through a CGI city awash in a dawn glow. Using the bespoke minimalist environment lit with a soft but bright lighting, we highlight NIO's iconic fine design details that distinguish and characterise the ET5, drawing the eye along the streamlined roof to the ducktail spoiler.

NIO ET5 Launch

INK x Road Rat

CGI, Retouching, Photography

Road Rat Cover Issue 09. Clean yet bold, classic yet future. Honda NSX Type R, Japanese Racing White.

Working in close collaboration with our good friend Benedict Redgrove for a suite of stills to showcase the iconic Honda NSX for the 9th issue of The Road Rat Magazine, we wanted to build a fully-CG environment inspired by the very nature of the vehicle: Clean yet bold, classic yet future.