CGI, Retouching, Photography

As part of our latest collaboration with our friends at NIO, we created a suite of CGI stills for the reveal imagery of the EC6 as part of the much anticipated ‘NIO day’. A mix of dynamic CGI exterior and intimate close ups, incorporating location photography and a CGI digi-car, we reveal the all new coupé’ silhouette, panoramic moonroof and aerodynamic design.

Working on location in Barcelona with the NIO team, and shot by renowned automotive photographer Tomek Olszowski, INK carefully crafted the integration of CGI digi-car and photographic assets in the London Studio.


Honda e Charging Solutions

CGI, Animation, Design

Honda's Electric Vision extends beyond its next-generation electric vehicle, the Honda e. For the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show we created a dynamic, hero CG animation announcing Honda's EV charging and energy management solutions for a greener, sustainable future. The film follows the colourful Honda e as it travels through a 'Honda World' city, experiencing three unique charging situations: the at home Power Charger, on street with Ubitricity and bi-directional charging.